• Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rod & Accessories

    Copper bonded steel earth rods are the most commonly used earth electrode. They are suitable for most application, compatible for deep driving & are economical. Copper bonded steel earth rods are made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure copper onto high carbon, low tensile steel rods.

    THREAD SIZE LENGTH ROD DIA Part No. 5/8" 1200mm 13.70mm EXCBSER-58-1.2 5/8" 1500mm 13.70mm EXCBSER-58-1.5 5/8" 1800mm 13.70mm EXCBSER-58-1.8 5/8" 2400mm 13.70mm EXCBSER-58-2.4 5/8" 3000mm 13.70mm EXCBSER-58-3.0 3/4" 1200mm 16.70mm EXCBSER-34-1.2 3/4" 1500mm 16.70mm EXCBSER-34-1.5 3/4" 1800mm 16.70mm EXCBSER-34-1.8 3/4" 2400mm 16.70mm EXCBSER-34-2.4 3/4" 3000mm 16.70mm EXCBSER-34-3.0 * other sizes available on request ** we provide upto 250 micron copper coating on earth rods *** actual size may vary by +/- 5%

  • Coupler

    Couplers made of brass, stainless steel or gunmetal is a threaded joining devise which joins two earth rods together for extending earth rods in an earthing system.

    5/8" Brass EXC-58
    3/4" Brass EXC-34
    * other sizes available on request
    ** coupler available in other materials, Phosphour Bronze / Silicon Bronze / Gunmetal

  • Driving Head

    Driving heads are made of toughened steel and used while hammering an earth rod into ground. Driving head protects the relatively soft earth rod from damage while hammering. Driving heads have no further function in earthing & lightning protection.

    SIZE Materail Part No.
    5/8" Steel EXDH-58
    3/4" Steel EXDH-34
    * other sizes available on request